This Week’s Lodge Education

EVERY MASON IS A P. R. MAN FOR FREEMASONRY by R. W. Brother Jack L. Allen, Grand Marshal

Every Mason practices public relations whether we realize it or not, if we wear a ring, a lapel pin, or have an emblem on our car, we are PR men for Masonry. Simply put, public relations is the relationship an organization has with the general public. Whatever we do, while wearing a Masonic emblem, we are having a public relationship on behalf of Masonry. When we work in the local food pantry, feed the homeless, distribute clothing and food baskets to. the needy, we are doing something positive which the public recognizes and probably relates to our Masonic affiliation. When a lodge displays an emblem on its building, advertises its meetings in the paper, or lists a Masonic service in an obituary, public relations is being practiced.

When your lodge holds a Family Night, Friendship Night or Candidates Night, public relations is being practiced. All of these actions are publicity. While some Masons still prefer to keep Masonry’s lightunder a bushel, the fact is that same Mason probably wears a ring, or a fez, and that same Mason is making a very obvious public statement, and that is public relations.

Consider then, the next time we fuss with the local merchant, or try to talk our way out of a traffic ticket, and our ring or car emblem or Masonic license plate is showing, we are also practicing public relations. While some Masons believe that public relations is the role of a particular member or committee, the truth is public relations is the responsibility of every Mason.

What message will we send to the public about Masonry when we leave lodge tonight? Will we stop by the local bar and down a few? Will we cut someone off in traffic? Will we run a ‘(pink” light? Will we go 45 in a 35 mileper-hour zone? All of these actions are also publicity. Our behavior is our most important and most visible public relations program. In all three charges in the symbolic lodge we are reminded of the importance of our behavior. What the public sees is the perception the general public has about our great fraternity. Make us proud. Be a Positive PR Man for Masonry.